The Easiest Way to Start Your Own Dialysis Center Business in the Philippines

Dialysis Center Business in the Philippines | MedLine Dialysis Center

The franchise model has had a long and celebrated history in the world of entrepreneurship due to its unique ability to create a classic win-win arrangement: a franchisee benefits from licensing an industry’s know-how and a brand’s overall operational how-to’s, putting any venture steps ahead of the next guy’s, allowing potential franchisees to grow a brand more rapidly, bringing its brand of service to a wider reach of consumers at a much faster rate. Franchised businesses are set up and can operate quicker and with a lot more guidance, providing an assurance that owners get the support of the brand’s core management, promising less headaches and faster returns. But in the wake of an unprecedented metropolitan shutdown where the viability of businesses in certain industries remain in question, business-minded individuals need to exercise even sharper discretion as to which industries will continue to thrive in a franchise-model.

While food and retail franchises are currently at risk of not being as economically viable due to current restrictions, the heavily under-explored avenue of medical franchises promises to thrive in the coming years as it offers services that are essential to everyone’s health and well-being. 

Not all medical franchises are created equal in terms of market saturation vs. market size though. In particular, a highly underserved medical need in the Philippines in terms of patient-to-center ratio is renal care, with a focus on Hemodialysis centers.

It is estimated that 70,000 Filipinos suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD), while the current capacity of existing dialysis centers is only able to service 85% of these patients. Even more crucial, the number of Filipinos suffering from kidney disease increases by 10-12% every year, making the already insufficient supply of dialysis centers even more inadequate. Due to this, a dialysis center business is particularly primed for the franchise model in that there’s a constant demand to extend services to the ever-growing patient population who all consistently need to avail of treatment repeatedly, week-on-week. This long-term relationship with patients is exactly what allows for predictability in inventory needs and revenue stream – which is another attractive consideration especially in a service-oriented business. 

It is for these very reasons that MedLine Dialysis Center – the Philippines’ first and fastest growing dialysis center franchise – was put up in 2014, with their first branch launching in Malabon and a second one opening in Taytay in 2015. In 2017 Medline made the imperative decision to upgrade its business model into a franchise-ready one in order to cater to the needs of CKD-afflicted* Filipinos in the fastest possible way. By leveraging on time and experience, MedLine has developed and refined the best business manual for entrepreneurs to open and manage a dialysis center without the worry and challenges that come along with starting a medical franchise without the background for it. Today, MedLine has 21 strong franchisees and 4 more company-owned branches across Luzon, all operating in the name and style of MedLine Dialysis Center, making it the perfect franchise prospect in this post-lockdown world.

MedLine has made the process of putting up and operating a dialysis center franchise as easy as they possibly can. For a total investment of Php 15M (inclusive of franchise fee and VAT), disbursed within a 16-month timeframe, entrepreneurs will be able to set up a 15-seat capable MedLine Dialysis Center within 6 months, with 7 dialysis machines at launch and another 8 in the pipeline funded by the center’s revenues.. Here’s how Medline helps entrepreneurs do just that:

Join our Growing MedLine Franchise Family | MedLine Dialysis Center

1st Step: Inquiry
Inquiries are accommodated via Facebook, Direct Landline ((02)8821-0319), or Email ( Interested clients will then be screened by our sales and marketing team.

2nd Step: Set up a meeting
After the screening process, Medline will arrange a meeting with interested clients together with our sales and marketing team. The meeting can either be at our office in Makati (543 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower, Chino Roces Ave., Makati City) or online via Google Hangouts/Zoom.

3rd Step: Site Visit
The potential franchisee has the option to either proceed to a MedLine branch to learn more or access a virtual tour via Google Hangouts/Zoom to further learn about the specifics of setting up shop.

4th Step: Downpayment (200k+Vat)
The client makes a non-refundable down payment of Php 200,000 + VAT to the franchisor. The franchise team at Medline will then mobilize its’ Site Assessment team to visit the franchisee’s proposed site. If the franchisee has no proposed site, the site assessment team will provide the franchisee with a list of pre-approved locations, but it’s important to note that these sites are not always in the areas that the franchisee prefers. The Site Assessment team can also assist the franchisee in looking for possible sites.

5th Step: Site Acquisition
After a site has been found and has passed the feasibility study conducted by the franchisor, the franchisee can already sign their lease agreement with their respective landlords.

6th Step: Full Payment and Contract Signing
The franchisee will now pay the remaining balance of Php 1,000,000 + VAT (down payment is deductible from this amount) for their franchise. Afterwards, the franchisee will also sign the contract.

7th Step: Construction and Set-Up
Securing business and medical permits, construction, training, procurement of supplies, and pre-opening marketing efforts will be done within a 6-month timeframe. The center is expected to be operational by the 7th month. The Php 15M total investment for a MedLine franchise also includes budget for 7 dialysis machines, renovation expenses, furniture & fixtures, all necessary equipment, training allowances, permits, OPEX, as well as initial supplies, advanced rent and rent deposits, and a budget for initial marketing efforts. 

Thanks to MedLine’s Dialysis Center’s expertise and pioneering franchise model, entrepreneurs inclined to get into the medical services industry can now bank on a tried and tested approach in setting-up their own specialty clinic. With an easy investment structure that is capitalization-friendly, businessmen and women are assured that their money is spent when and where it needs to be spent. Through the support of MedLine’s franchising team, entrepreneurs can also feel at ease operationally as they deliver MedLine’s special brand of Malasakit na Tunay to all Filipinos in need. 

Do you want to take part in MedLine’s mission of giving Malasakit na Tunay to any and every dialysis patient in need of assistance? Join our growing family of franchisees now! Click here for more info.

Contact Ed Marquez, Sales and Marketing Specialist, at 0946-948-8689, call our Landline at ((02)8821-0319 or send us a message via Facebook ( or Email ( so we can help you get started today.

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