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MedLine Dialysis Franchise Philippines

The Philippines’ First and Leading Dialysis Center Franchise

The number of patients undergoing dialysis in the Philippines grows by 12% a year. The demand for quality yet affordable dialysis treatment continues to grow, but both private and public health institutions cannot cater to the growing demand. This is why MedLine entered the market with its first branch in 2014 with a mission of providing quality healthcare that shows “Malasakit na Tunay” to each and every Filipino dialysis patient. Today, MedLine has 24 branches composed of 4 company-owned centers and 20 franchise centers.

Kidney | MedLine Dialysis Center

Kidney disease is the 8th leading cause of death among Filipinos

It is estimated that there are 90,000 dialysis patients in the Philippines today. This number grows by 12% a year.

In addition, about another 1/3 of patients should be going through dialysis but are unaware of their condition.

One Filipino suffers chronic kidney failure every hour

Benefits of Franchising MedLine Dialysis Center

Proven Revenue Forecasts | MedLine Dialysis Center

Proven revenue forecasts
based on 14 MedLine
franchises already operating

MedLine partnered with Francorp | MedLine Dialysis Center

MedLine Dialysis, together
with Francorp, created the
template for dialysis center
franchising in the Philippines

Experienced in Dialysis Franchising | MedLine Dialysis Center

Vast experience in the dialysis
industry on all aspects of the
business such as supply chain,
medical protocols, sales and marketing,
and community management

Customer Support | MedLine Dialysis Center

Closed loop support from
construction and business
set-up all the way to operations

How to Start a MedLine Dialysis Franchise

How to Start a MedLine Dialysis Franchise

Schedule your franchise orientation with our
Sales and Marketing Team.

How to Start a MedLine Dialysis Franchise

Signify your intent to franchise by sending an email to franchising@medlinecenter.ph or calling our head office at 8821-0319.

How to Start a MedLine Dialysis Franchise

Visit one of our centers to learn more about how the business operates (or ask for a virtual orientation from our Sales and Marketing Team).

How to Start a MedLine Dialysis Franchise

Make your franchise fee deposit. This will mobilize our site assessment team to make a study on whether or not your proposed site is feasible. You can also ask for a list of pre-approved sites from our personnel.

How to Start a MedLine Dialysis Franchise

Once your site has been approved, make your full franchise fee payment and sign the franchise agreement. Afterwards, we are ready to commence work on building your MedLine Dialysis Center with you.

How to Start a MedLine Dialysis Franchise

On the 7th month after your SEC registration, your branch should already be operational.

Start your franchising journey with MedLine Dialysis today
and join us in our mission of providing “Malasakit na Tunay”
to all dialysis patients in need.