Grow with us!

We are currently busy filling up the following positions:

  • Responsible for the assessment, implementation and evaluation of care to their assigned shift.
  • Facilitates the overall traffic and organization within the HD unit for the entire shift.
  • Act as a leader in the treatment area during the time of duty.
  • Serves as facilitator/preceptor to less experienced staff in the facility.
  • Operates hemodialysis machines starting from preparation up, but not limited, to HD procedure termination whenever necessary.
  • Assuring the continuity of care to the clients by proper monitoring, documentation, and communication to all the members of the healthcare team.
  • Clinical:
  • Ensure educational needs of patients and family are met regarding End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).
  • Provide ongoing education to patients regarding their renal disease, vascular access and dialysis therapy, and other related health conditions.
  • Discuss with patient and record education related to diet/fluid and medication compliance.
  • Ensure transplant awareness, modality awareness, and drive catheter reduction.
  • Educate patients regarding laboratory values and the relationship to adequate dialysis therapy, compliance with treatment schedule, medication and fluid.
  • Provide safe and effective delivery of care to patients with ESRD.
  • Responsible for accurate implementation of treatment prescription to ensure stable treatment therapy as indicated.
  • Operation of dialysis machines for rendering the desired hemodialysis/hemodialfiltration treatment.
  • Assess patient’s response to hemodialysis treatment therapy making appropriate adjustments and modifications to the treatment plan as indicated by prescribing physician.
  • Communicate problems or concerns to the Clinical Manager or physician.
  • Initiate initial nursing assessment and ongoing evaluation and documentation of patient care needs.
  • Actively participate in the pre-evaluation, initiation, monitoring, termination, access homeostasis, and post evaluation of patients receiving hemodialysis treatment therapy.
  • Provide, supervise, and monitor hemodialysis access care according to established procedures.
  • Responsible for the implementation, administration, monitoring and documentation of patient’s response to prescribed intradialytic transfusions including appropriate notification of adverse reactions to physician and appropriate blood supplier.
  • Cannulation of AV Fistula and AV Graft.; taking vital signs every 30 minutes/1hour if the patient’s asleep.
  • Ensure accurate documentation on the hemodialysis treatment sheet.
  • Ensure appropriate preparation of lab requisitions for local lab.
  • Ensure lab results are forwarded to physician as requested.
  • Collaborate and communicate with physicians and other members of healthcare team to interpret, adjust, and coordinate care provided to the patient.
  • Maintain competency with all emergency operational procedures based on institution’s established protocols.
  • Maintains the cleanliness of the designated station. (Machines, chairs etc.)
  • Provide secretarial and administrative support in order to ensure effective and efficient operations.
  • Provide support to the company through both administrative and clerical duties.
  • Handles some accounting tasks (petty cash, checking of liquidations, budget release, request for payment, recording of sales and expenses).
  • Assist in resolving any administrative problems.
  • Maintain confidentiality and observe data protection and associated guidelines where appropriate.
  • Contribute to other departments’ team effort by accomplishing related scope of work results as needed.
  • Coordinates, attends, prepares materials for and/or takes minutes at meetings and special events.
  • Maintain office files; file all correspondence and important documents.
  • Maintaining the office’s stationary, catering supplies.
  • Gathering useful and important information by phone, letter, and email or in person.
  • Recording and updating sales and expenses, customer databases by inputting data accurately and efficiently.
  • Photocopying and scanning administrative documents.
  • Handling telephone information requests.
  • Ensures the office is kept clean and organized.
  • Performs other duties as required.
  • Sweep and mops the floors
  • Clean buildings by emptying trash, sweeping and cleaning surfaces
  • Monitor building security and safety by performing such tasks as locking doors after operating hours and checking electrical appliance use to ensure that hazards are not created
  • Use cleaning solutions to remove stains and clean surfaces
  • Mix various cleaning agents
  • Clean windows, glass partitions and mirrors, using soapy water or other cleaners, sponges and squeegees
  • Dust furniture and scrub surfaces clean
  • Clean and service restrooms with mops and disinfectants
  • Move heavy equipment and furniture
  • Identify and report possible repairs
  • Fix minor plumbing leaks
  • Spray insecticides and fumigants to prevent insect and rodent infestation
  • Kept orderly’s cabinet in a clean, tidy and arranged conditions
  • Damped wipe containers as needed
  • Help to transport patient to dialysis area and position patient on lounge chair at hemodialysis machines
  • Sanitizing and cleaning the surrounding area of the machine before and after the dialysis treatment, so that the patient does not get infected
  • Ensure that all blood spills are immediately cleaned with appropriate disinfectant according to facility policy
  • Participating in the Quality Improvement of the center

The Community Liaison Officer is responsible for maintaining good relationships with the community base including doctors, hospitals, and patients.

  • Organizes, conducts, and manages marketing activities at the community and hospital level as scheduled by management such as:
    • Flyer distribution
    • Posting tarpaulins in public spaces and acquiring the necessary local barangay permits
    • Posting stickers inside jeepneys and tricycles
    • Announcing news to MD’s*Done in coordination with and guidance from MedLine
  • Acts as a gatekeeper of the logbook on patient inquiries
    • Following up on patients
  • Liaise with the Branch Manager on the record of the patients for reporting
  • Reports weekly itinerary to the Branch Manager
  • Identifies and periodically visits nephrologists in the area of the facility including all nephrologists who sends patients to the center. The following are some topics of discussion during visits to nephrologists:
    • Opening announcements
    • Promos
    • New machines
    • Professional Fees cheque payment delivery
    • Encouraging them to send patients to the branch
    • Other developments
  • Conducts/updates competitive analysis as needed
  • Organizes monthly seminars led by nurses for the patients and their guardians
  • Organizes, conducts, and manages medical missions when the center becomes dominant in the area
    • Identify and coordinate with health center/s or other government venue/s where free clinic/s will be conducted
    • Coordinates with medical team on manpower deployment
    • Manages and coordinates referral of patients to the proper nephrologists
  • Maintains confidentiality and observe data protection and associated guidelines
  • Maintains records of PhilHealth documents from Nephrologists (CSF)
  • Takes care of the Head Nephrologist (annual profit sharing)
  • Acts as a record keeper of Nephrologists details (TIN, PhilHealth accreditation number and expiration date)
  • Makes sure that patients are given flowers when they expire and are visited when admitted to the hospital
  • Excellent social skills
  • Ease in doing field work
  • Effective organizational skills
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Effective verbal and listening communication skills
  • Computer skills including spreadsheet and word processing programs, and email at a high proficiency level
  • Attention to detail and high level of accuracy

    Note: The Community Liaison Officer would normally attain the required knowledge and skills through completion of office procedures coursework combined with related PR and marketing experience.

    • Make sure that water system is working including bowl, faucet, bidet and urinal
    • Ensures toiletries are available i.e. hand wash, soap, tissue
    • Physical appearance (wall must be clean, floor tiles must be clean and dry, light bulb must be working, door must be clean and locking system must be working)
    • Make sure that air-conditioner is working with no drips, temperature must be functioning well, periodic check-up and cleaning must be followed
    • Physical appearance (floor must be clean, floor must be dry and clean, if seating capacity has been maximized waiting patients/guests must be instructed to 2nd floor waiting are)
    • Television must be turn on
    • Light bulb must be working
    • No obstruction of any kind must be allowed in the waiting area i.e. newly delivered stocks and others
    • Make sure that floor and walls are clean and dry
    • No obstruction of any kind must be allowed especially in access doors i.e. newly delivered stocks and others
    • Glass panels must always be clean
    • Light bulb and outlets must all be working
    • Weighing scales must be functioning
    • Avoid unnecessary cluttering of the desk
    • Provide cabinet/container for papers/documents not in use
    • Ensures ample office supplies are available
    • Avoid unnecessary cluttering of the desk
    • Provide cabinet/ container for papers/documents not in use
    • Ensure ample office supplies are available
    • Ensures all equipment are working including ink for printer
    • Ensures all form are printed, available and filed systematically
    • Also, ensures all company directives concerning both patients and staff are properly disseminated
    • Coordinates with clean haul on waste disposal
    • Coordinates with PCO on pest/rodent and on periodic operation of the gen set
    • Ensure sanitation
    • Checking of attendance, checking of duties and responsibilities
    • Checking of seminars, licenses, BLS/ACLS,
    • Employee of the month
    • DTR
    • Technician – checking of training
    • Looking for seminars (RO, Troubleshooting, Repairs)
    • CCTV and TV
    • Supervises orderlies in maintaining a clean environment at all times
    • Ensures cleaning agents and materials are always available i.e. mop, rags, broom etc
    • Ensures orderlies prepare linins for laundry and newly laundered linens must be in cabinets
    • Monitor Philhealth, PCSO and DSWD submissions
    • Monitor cash deposit
    • Monitors and reports adverse activities of employees
    • Monitor employees attendance and performance
    • Ensures all reports are available by Monday early morning